What is Fachsprachprüfung & Kenntnisprüfung

Fachsprachprüfung also known as FSP is German technical language exam.

It is a test to assess a foreign doctor’s knowledge in German medical terminologies,

which has to be cleared by every foreign Doctors who want to do clinical practice in Germany or looking forward to do their Post,graduation in Germany.

Knowing the German medical terminologies and clearing Fachsprachprüfung is your first step towards Approbation.

Kenntnisprüfung (KP) is a "knowledge test" conducted to demonstrate the equivalency of medical/ dental professional knowledge to the one required by medical/dental graduates from Universities in Germany.

For applications for the approval and professional license as a dentist, it is required to prove that you have completed dental training abroad, which entitles you to work as a dentist on your own.

In addition to other prerequisites, the approval of the license requires the equivalence of the training level. The equivalence can be determined by the assessment of the dental training documents by respective authorities. If there are no significant differences (training deficits) to the German training, the applicant is granted full registration.

If there are one or more significant differences (training deficits) or if the training documents cannot be assessed because they are unsuitable or if you have voluntarily foregone an assessment, the equivalent level of training will be determined by attending Kenntnisprüfung (knowledge test). It can be repeated twice.

Exam pattern of Kenntnisprüfung (FSP)

Exam pattern of Fachsprachprüfung (KP)

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