Exam Pattern for Fachsprachprüfung (FSP)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Who is eligible to attend this exam?

Dentists who have completed B2 level of German language and have a valid medical degree can attend this exam. One can attend this exam in a respective state of Germany where he/she wish to practice after completion of all formalities.

Exam Pattern for Fachsprachenprüfung

The 60-minute examination of is divided into three sessions

Dentist-patient conversation along with patient education

Case documentation,

dentist-dentist discussion

The whole examination will be conducted in German language (B2-C1 med level)

Dentist-patient conversation along wit patient education

This part of the exam includes

(A) Dentist-Patient communication wherein the Patient(examiner) explains to You (Dentist) the problems he/she is facing with his health.You need to formulate proper anamnesis in German based on the communication with the Patient.It is also necessary to educate the patient regarding his/her health issues and to explain his /her queries regarding the same.

(B) Try to diagnose the patient and explain the patient with your suggestions about further treatment options. It is important that you communicate with the patient in colloquial language such that he/she understand you properly.

Patient Case Documentation

In this part of the exam, You (dentist) will either have to formulate a small Summary of the patient case presented or you will receive a pre-prepared form from the ZÄK where you needs to fill in the patient history.This depends on the State where you attend the examination.Patient Case Documentation include a presentation of the suspected diagnosis, differential diagnostic delimitation and the presentation of the further procedure.Here the examiner will assess your written Dental/ Medical technical language.

Dentist-Dentist Discussion

In this part of the exam you (Dentist) need to present the Patient details and prepared Case Documentation to the Head Dentist /Colleague (examiner) and explain your own assessment and ideas for Treatment Plan .

The examiner will evaluate and come up with questions based patient anamnesis and documentation of the suspected diagnosis.Here you will be assessed based on the usage of technical Medical/Dental terminologies during the discussion with the colleague.

Note: It is generally claimed that only Medical/Dental technical language will be assessed during this examination but not the Medical/Dental knowledge.But it is better not to take these assertions into regard and prepare basics in Dentistry well to succeed in the examination.

Where to give this exam?

Once the doctor decides which particular German state he/she wish to practice, all required document need to be submitted to the ZÄK of the respective state. After verification of all documents, authorities will provide exam date for FSP exam

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