IDGS Fachsprachprüfung-FSP Program

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

In order to establish a professional experience in Germany, good command of the German language along with good Dental knowledge is mandatory.

Dentists from abroad are required to have a license to practice in Germany, for which qualifying a specialist language examination plays a crucial role.

IDGS FSP program is aimed at providing guidance to the candidates to qualify the Specialist language exam and thus enabling them to reach one step further in their dream to work in Germany.

Our FSP program is case-oriented and you will receive lecture on all three parts of technical language test i.e. medical history, written documentation and patient presentation.

Different dental cases will be practiced in the form of mock tests, in order to provide an idea on the course of Examination.

Candidate Requirements

•BDS/MDS graduate •German language certificate



German: Revision of grammatical aspects from B1 level.

Dental Language: revision of Dental terminologies

Dentistry : Dental technical language with thematic focus on

Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and other important Dental subjects. Radiology and Radiation protection Medical emergency Pharmacology Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

FSP Examination training

Structure and content of language exam Communication with patient: information and advice on anamnesis. Patient education: impart information to the patient about their own health

status and needs. Case Documentation Communication with colleagues.

Preview of German Healthcare System with main focus on

Medical and Dental Insurance System.

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