Procedure for Foreign Dentist to work in Germany

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Any foreign qualified dentist who have completed their Dental education (minimum 5 years) in a non-EU country must undergo two exams Fachsprachprüfung (FSP) & Kenntnisprüfung (KP) in Germany in order to get recognized as a Dentist.

These exams are conducted by the respective Ministry of Healthcare in cooperation with the concerned Dental council of that particular German state.

Clearing the Fachsprachprüfung (FSP) & Kenntnisprüfung (KP) grants you the lifetime license to work as a dentist in Germany or in any recognized EU states.

Note: every federal state has its own regulations for doctors so chose your state wisely

Step 1: Demonstrate German language skills

In Germany the relationship between doctor and patient is based on trust and medical diagnosis will need to be communicated in a comprehensible and sensitive way. A medical doctor must have sufficient oral and written German language skills in both general (B2) and professional levels (C1-Medicine) Language is the foundation of your career in Germany.

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Step 2: Certified translation or beglaubigte Übersetzung

An English to German certified translation of your academic documents is required to be recognized by the respective authorities and to process your Fachsprachprüfung application.

On a certified translation, the translator attests that the target-language text is an accurate and complete translation of the source-language text. Certified translations bear the translator’s signature and official stamp. In Germany, certified translations can be prepared only by sworn translators, beglaubigter Übersetzer‘, who are appointed by Regional Courts.

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Step 3: Application for Temporary (berufserlaubnis) and Permanent license (Approbation)

Once German language examination is cleared and documents are translated and certified these has to be submitted to the respective state authority under ZAK, where one wish to practice. Following are the documents required to be submitted for the application of berufserlaubnis and Approbation;

► A signed CV (Lebenslauf) with an recent photo (In German)

►Valid ID, legalized copy (Passport. Residence permit)

► German translated School certificate (Secondary and Senior secondary)

►Graduation Certificate (in German)

►University transcript (In German)

►Internship Certificate (In German)

►Specialization Diploma Certificate if any (In German)

►Medical or Dental council Registration Certificate (In German)

►Experience Certificate if any (In German)

►Good standing Certificate (In German) in some state this certificate must not be older than 1 month

►Birth Certificate and Other documents (Marriage/Divorce etc) to confirm your name (In German)

►A Clean Police record not older than 3 months

►Medical Certificate confirming that your fit to practice Medicine, Original in some state this certificate must be issued by a German Doctor

►German Language Proficiency Certificate B2 C1 Level

►Written confirmation from the clinic stating your position and the date you will join

As a first step you should start with the conformity certificates as they take the longest time to be issued. You will receive the exact list of documents for the Approbation when you decide which State you wish to work in.

Step 4: Fachsprachprüfung

Fachsprachprüfung also known as FSP is German technical language exam.

It is a test to assess a foreign Dentist's knowledge in German medical terminologies,

which has to be cleared by every foreign Dentists who want to do clinical practice in Germany or looking forward to do their Post'graduation in Germany.

One who clears this exam will be granted up-to 2 years temporary license, with which one can work as a junior/assistant dentist in the respective state of clearing the FSP and subsequently apply for your Approbation

Exam Pattern for Fachsprachprüfung (FSP)

Step 5 : Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung & Kenntnisprüfung (KP)

After application for "Approbation" all the documents will be verified by an expert authority and will be assessed whether the professional qualification is equivalent to the German standards. This is known as Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung or equivalency review.

If the foreign Dental professional qualification is found equivalent to the German qualification standards, Approbation will be graded without Kenntnisprüfung (Knowledge test)

If it’s otherwise you will be required to clear Kenntnisprüfung (KP) which will be a Viva exam combined with practicals where you will be assessed based on your Dental knowledge and whether it is equivalent to a German Dentist. One can appear maximum 3 times for this exam and it should be cleared within the validity of your temporary license.

Exam pattern of Kenntnisprüfung (KP)

Note: Almost all Dental graduates from ASIA, requires to clear Kenntnisprüfung (KP).

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