Deutsch B2-C1 Medicine exam pattern.

Deutsch B2·C1 Medizin is a dual- level German language examination for doctors which assess specific German language competence ,at B2 or C1 level, in the field of medicine as spoken in a German hospital.The examination records your performance in the major language skills: Listening, reading, writing and speaking. A result sheet states your performance according to the levels reached: B2 or C1.

At level B2 you can express yourself clearly and explicitly and also successfully discuss and negotiate. You have a large command of the vocabulary needed for your field of specialisation and for most general topics. Your usage of grammar is sound.

At level C1 you can express yourself spontaneously and fluently. You are familiar with idiomatic phrases and can vary your style of language as appropriate. You can use the language with a high degree of grammatical accuracy.


■ The examination consists of a written and an oral part.

Duration of the written examination is about three hours and includes 3 parts of the exam.

Listening Comprehension for 40 minutes.

Reading Comprehension for 70 minutes out of which 20 minutes is alloted for a Language module.

Writing for 60 minutes.

Note: A 20 minute break will be provided before the Writing segment of Written examination.

■The oral exam can take place on the same day of the written examination or on another day. This is a paired examination in which 2 candidates exchange information.The overall duration of exam is 45 minutes including preparation time of 10 minutes provided before the exam.This is followed by :-

The first part i.e. patient’s assessment where anamnesis of the patient(candidate 1or 2) is taken by the doctor(candidate 1 or 2) and vice versa.

A break of 5 minutes is provided for documentation and preparation of patient case presentation.

The second part includes case presentation by the doctor(candidate 1 or 2) to the Chief Doctor/Colleague(candidate 1 or 2) and vice versa.

The third part includes explanation of patient condition to relative or bystander of the patient(examiner).

A duration of approximately 15 minutes is alloted for each candidate.

Note: The examination can be repeated as often as you wish but will have to attend the whole examination i.e. both written and oral.

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